Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big News

Pam ( Jeff's mom) and I took Kailee down to UCLA today for our "big apt." with the Dr. As it turns out, he WILL NOT have to go back into the implanted ear to re-do anything on the left side. Everything looks great and is healing as it should. PRAISE GOD.

On another note... we found out that if we wanted Kailee to get the second implant on her other ear, that we can. The Dr. thinks it would be more difficult then a person with a "normal " inner ear, but he said he could do it.

Side note: When Kailee had her left ear done, there were some malformations in her ear that could have been hard for the Dr. to operate on. ALL went well with that, and we have every reason to believe that Kailee could have a very successful right ear implant.

It is definitely a lot for Jeff and I to think and pray about right now. Please pray for THE BEST decision to be made for Kai. We know she is doing great with one, but TWO implants would do wonders for her ! It is just hard to picture our little girl going into surgery yet again.

Here are some pictures of Kailee getting a little bored while we waited for the Dr.:)

Friday, June 19, 2009

We took Kai to the zoo yesterday for the first time. After a few melt downs before we left, we were wondering WHY we were doing this?
She had so much fun! Naturally, our little girl loved the birds the most. She was obsessed! I don't know what it is with those birds!!
SB zoo is small, so we finished pretty quickly. I think Kai was a little too young, but I am really glad we went.
While there, we met a man who had two cochlear implants! Small world. He told us his story about how he lost his hearing at age 4, then wore hearing aid for 38years before he was recently implanted! He spoke beautifully and it was a really neat surprise to meet him.

Friday, June 12, 2009

UCLA- 5 month surgery anniversary!

Kai, Jeff and I took a trip down to UCLA this week to get further testing done. She is doing fantastic. She keeps responding more consistently, and to lower pitches each visit. This is VERY exciting and it just shows how well her progress with the implant is going.

Jeff and I recently felt some sharp bumps behind Kailee's ear where she had the surgery. We will be going to see the surgeon in a few weeks to see if everything is normal. Worst case scenario.. Kai has to go back into surgery to fix the steel plate that holds the implant in. Please pray that everything is secure and stable and that he does not need to cut her open again anytime soon:) I don't know if I could handle it!

We will also be talking with the Dr. about implanting her Right ear. She has a malformation that would make it a little bit more complicated to implant, but Jeff and I are excited to hear Kailee's options. She is doing SO WELL with one implant, that we are not sure about the second. Please pray for wisdom:)

I thank you all again for your prayer and support through this journey. I can't believe it has been 5 months since her surgery!!

I will keep you updated on any news.