Monday, September 21, 2009

Here are a few cute pics I've taken this last week..

And a few Kai took as well.. maybe she'll be a photographer? I won't hold my breath!
Today was such a sweet day with Kailee.

I took her to school, and got GREAT news that she is doing terrific in her class. They say she is really talking a lot and jut really outgoing and friendly. It's nice to hear good things about your kids..:)

We went to the park for lunch and played for a while. She was so loving to me and wouldn't stop hugging and kissing me. Maybe she misses me after a morning at school? Whatever the reason, I'll talk the lovin!

We go to UCLA for our "last" apt. before possible surgery. PLEASE, pray for us during this time of decision and unknown. We are still torn with the decision for Kailee to actually have the second ear done. Pray that God will make it apparent to us the road which to take:)

Baby #2 is I can now not hide it! I am very excited and feeling pretty well. I am 13 weeks and it already feels like I've been pregnant forever! I think the only thing that I miss is not being able to work out hard, and sweat!!! I love to sweat!

As soon as I know the sex, I will post immediately. That will not be for a few more weeks though!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I dropped Kailee off at her first day of pre-school yesterday! Wow, was that weird! She did GREAT. I walked her in, played with her for probably a minute before she was literally pushing me out the door. She kept saying "bye, bye". Why all the other kids were crying in their mom's arms, Kailee was pushing me out the door. Interesting..
I have to say, it made leaving her a bit easier! The teachers said she did great and is very social...I think we already knew that!
Here are a few pics of the morning.. nothing spectacular..She was a little busy looking at all her new friends.