Sunday, May 3, 2009

I had fun without you!

So Jeff and I went away with some friends this weekend, only to come home to our precious little one NOT WANTING US! She literally pushed us away when she saw us. I was SO SAD!
I guess I can look at this positively, like she is independent or something..
But I chose to be sad about it! She is growing up before our very eyes.

My mom said she was talking like crazy and trying to imitate every sound. Pretty cool...I hope everyone's weekends were great.


  1. Love that she is trying to imitate sounds and words. Jodi is an easy one and I am sure you are saying my name pretty regularly around there right? Love to read the updates! What fun you are having!

  2. Funny story! Kids are a crack up. Hope you guys had a great weekend!

  3. dude... she totally wanted you guys... she was just playing hard to get. oh how they learn so young!