Thursday, May 14, 2009

So, we have cats living in our backyard. There is a Mommy who just gave birth to one little kitty. I think the previous house owners had this cat and left it. They are cute, and aren't too much trouble, but we can't go in our back yard without them rubbing on us. I am NOT a cat person, so this has been difficult:)

Kailee absolutely loves them ! She can't pronounce "meow" so she calls them "mo- mos". It's VERY CUTE. If anyone wants a cat or a kitten, please let me know. They are black and white and very sweet.:)

This week I met a speech pathologist randomly at one of my Moms groups. What a God send it was. She turned out to be this amazing Christian woman, who offered her love, and support for Kai.
Sometimes I feel alone in this walk with Kai. It seems that she is the only child going through this, and we are the only parents battling fears. (which I know is not true) Meeting people that have gone through the journey, or are going through the same journey is truly comforting and eye opening.

God has not given us anything we can't handle, and I believe that with all my heart, but sometimes it's nice to meet people in somewhat of the same situation, who can offer great advice, and reassure me that I'm not going crazy!!!

This probably doesn't make sense, but I am just grateful to have met this woman, who has since pointed us in the right direction for more great care for Kailee.

Kailee's speech therapist came today. It was a great session. She hadn't seen Kai in a few weeks, so she thought her progress and speech had really improved in the last few weeks. She was talking so much today and Erica ( the therapist) was really impressed and encouraged by her motivation to speak. I was so happy to hear that! Sometimes I don't see all the progress because I see Kai everyday, and it was nice to hear encouraging words:)


  1. Please know that your individual hearing loss with Kai is not widespread, but fearing for our children and their future is UNIVERSAL! Still, I might add. So carry on and I am so grateful that God sees fit to send you encouragement just to remind you that he has not turned his face from you.

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog.

    Hope you will stop by and see me...Every comment enters you for the 10 big giveaways this honor of Parker's 10th birthday!
    I will resume our Disney posts in a few days. Tonight I have such a heavy heart and a huge prayer request.