Thursday, August 20, 2009

My crazy girl!!

Well, it's official! Kailee is crazy! Today we went back to UCLA to have what was supposed to be her last apt. before surgery. That didn't go so well! I have never in my life seen such a crazy, un-satisfied little girl. She literally would not sit still! She would not listen to ANYONE, and they didn't get any of the info she needed for us to proceed with the second implant. Now, we need to go back at least one more time, if not two to finish up the testing.

I guess there are worse things in the world, but today was a long day.:) Please pray that next time we drive and hour and a half, then sit in the Dr.'s office for two hours, that my beautiful, but stubborn daughter will behave!

On a GREAT note... Kailee said " Love you momma" to me the other day, and today she told my mom "thank you grandma". Two-three words in a row is awesome! Praise God.

We are now down south with my folks and brother for the weekend.. have a good one!


  1. Oh my gosh. I was giggling about her rascally day, then just about burst into tears over her talking. I can hardly stand that moment for you! My heart is so full at this moment it feels like it just might burst! Praise God, for loving you so personally!

  2. WHAT A BUMMER OF A DAY! I am so sorry! Hope your weekend is fabulous...and I am so blessed to hear that she spoke those precious words to you:) what a joy!