Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 15th..

Monday is the day Kailee will receive her second implant. The surgery is scheduled for 8:30 am!! We ask that you continue to pray for the surgeons direction and for Kailee's safety. Please pray that she recovers quickly, and that she is back to her normal self soon.

We are ready for this to be over!!!

Before her 1st implant a year ago, Kailee could barely say 10 words, and could not understand much more. Today, I couldn't even count how many words she say because there are so many! She is understanding us more and more, and words can't describe how blessed we feel to live in this era where technology is able to help our daughter this much. Good thing there are smarter people out there then me!!!

We are blessed... I'll keep you updated!!!


  1. Love you all and praying for God to guide the hands of the doctors, to lay His healing hand on your lil Kai as she recovers and for His spirit of peace to rest upon you and Jeff as you wait in the waiting room.
    Praying for the week so go smoothly and for her to bounce right back to the spunky Kailee we all know:)

  2. So glad to hear that everything went so well!! Love you all!!