Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March brings Faith...

As we approach Faith Hope's birthday this month. I am brought to tears often, realizing that she won't be with us this spring. Soon after the tears and sadness leave, joy fills my heart in realizing she is perfectly secure, and happy in Heaven with our Father.
As we remember Faith, and all that she brought to our lives in the short time she was with us, we are joyful and excited about the future of our family.
Kailee will be getting her second cochlear implant on March 15!! We are nervous, anxious, excited and scared all at once. I ask for prayers for us as the date approaches closer. I pray our nerves would release, and our strength, that only come from God would rise up and help us through the fear. Kailee had a TREMENDOUS recovery last time, and I know she will do great!

March will be a tough month..but we are continually reminded, watching Kailee grow; how amazing she is, and how blessed we are to have her in our lives!!!

We are potty training now, and it is going well. I am learning that I can't leave her side for more then 5 minutes or there will be pee on the ground:)

She is having fun and getting lots of "treats" after she goes. I need to figure out when you stop the treat thing...I think she will drag that one out for a while!!!

We thank you for your love, and ask for prayers moving forward this month.

I lost an aunt this week, and I am saddened so much by her sudden and un-timely death. Please pray for her daughters, her grand kids, her husband, and all who love her. She was a wonderful woman! She is with God now, enjoying eternity with him. PRAISE HIM!!!
May March bring you Faith in the future as well!


  1. Such great pictures! You guys are all too cute.
    I have been thinking of you and sweet little Faith often. I will be praying for you!
    Kai is going to do aswesome! It is so exciting to watch her learn to hear and learn to speak. What a privledge it has been! We love you guys!! And I say...keep giving her treats!...whatever works!;)

  2. Your faith and insite and wisdom and encouragemet are amazing. God has such plans for you and your family. Who on earth will be so able to minister to other families in difficult situations? The Stanilans will be used again and again by God to comfort and advise others. Thank you for embracing the journey He has given you. So much pain, so much to share, so much GLORY to the author of life here. Well done, servants. I am grateful I know you.