Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Monday was a long day to say the least..but Kailee came out of surgery with flying colors!! She was very tired and out of it right after surgery, and it pretty much took the entire day to come out of the anesthesia. Once she did, she was up and eating and wanted to go outside and ride her bike. (we didn't let her) She was a little off balance, so we didn't think that was a good idea:)

The Dr. said everything went great in surgery, and we are looking forward to the turn on date which will tell us HOW WELL everything works.

We are relieved it's over, and so thankful that she was safe. Kailee has to take it easy this week, but she is already running around and being herself! What a blessing!

Thank you for all your prayers...

I lo0k back at Kailee's journey in her short life, and it is already filled with so much hard stuff!! The beautiful thing about that is that it is already forming her into she is, and will be. I am filled with such joy about our little Kailee girl, and look forward to her future in Christ.

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  1. soo glad that things went well on monday! What a blessing your little one is- we just love her!